50,000 meals donated to fight child hunger in NWA!

Holiday Package COVID-19 Relief

The mission of Simple + Sweet Creamery is to create an atmosphere of love, comfort, and generosity in the Northwest Arkansas community through supporting local vendors, creating an exceptional product for all to enjoy, and, most importantly, fighting child hunger through various donations and nonprofit efforts. We're in our infancy, but we have already received so much love and support from this community that we are able to begin focusing on our philanthropic efforts. 

As the holiday season approached, we were brainstorming ways that we could promote the spirit of giving through our ice cream. The answer was the holiday package: a $25 bundle that would act as a catalyst for donations to the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank's COVID-19 Relief Fund. The package came with 4 pints of ice cream: Honey + Butter, Cinnamon Roll, Egg Nog, and Chai Tea. 

We promoted the package for one week and donated all revenue to the fund. Today, we donated $250 to the fund. According to the food bank, this donation equates to 2,500 meals for families across Northwest Arkansas. We believe this is an important effort to fighting the persistent hunger faced by many children in our community, and each order made a substantial difference. 

While this is our first donation, it is certainly not our last. We have been incredibly fortunate for the support from all of you, and your contributions have not gone unnoticed. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding more donations and the future of our efforts to combat child hunger!

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  • Kathleen Barta

    Since you do not ship to my address can I pick up my order? If so where?

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