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Simple + Sweet Closing Sale!

Simple + Sweet Closing Sale!

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Pints and half-pints of our exceptional ice cream on sale and hand-delivered to you. $5 per pint (that's 4 large scoops, so $1.25 per scoop!) and $3 per half-pint (2 scoops at $1.50 per scoop). We want you to try as many flavors as you can and eat as much ice cream as you want, so if you buy $20 worth of ice cream, delivery is on us. Thank you for supporting us during this transition period! 

Flavor descriptions:

Honey + Butter* - the Original honey and butter ice cream crafted with Arkansas honey and all-natural butter

Black + White - black raspberry ice cream with swirls of Kyya white chocolate

Cocoa + Milk - a rich chocolate ice cream crafted with high quality cocoa beans from Kyya Chocolate

Honey + Lavender - a smooth, light ice cream infused with Arkansas honey and lavender

Vanilla + Bean - an exceptional, creamy vanilla ice cream crafted with real vanilla beans

Strawberries + Cream - a sweet strawberry ice cream with strawberry pieces

Cookies + Cream* - fluffly vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces

Honey + Lemon - ice cream infused with Arkansas honey and lemon zest

Mint + Chip - smooth, creamy mint ice cream with Kyya chocolate cubes

Rose - Stop and smell the roses! We have infused our exceptional ice cream with an essence of rose.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry - Our recipe is simple, but it requires lots of time and effort. We hand-cut and hand-dipped strawberries and layered them in a sweetcream ice cream.

Sweet Basil + Olive Oil - A fresh and savory blend of olive oil, basil, and vanilla. Perfect for the summertime!

Salt + Caramel - We combined dark brown sugar, caramel, and salt to create a rich treat for you.

Pumpkin Pie - Do we need to say more?

Coffee - A decadent blend of espresso and cream. Coffee lovers do not want to miss out on this one!


* most popular

** uses some artificial color/flavor